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Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

Once your order is confirmed, a copy of the invoice is sent to the provided email address and our packaging department for shipment. The delivery time varies between 3-5 working days for all the cities. The order is processed within 24hours after it has been placed. In case an order is placed on a public holiday or Sunday, it will be processed the very next working day.

In the event our team finds the given address to be wrong, the order will be held until our customer service representative verify the address via provided contact information. To avoid order cancellation please make sure that the provided contact information (i-e email & phone number) is correct and not missing a number or an alphabet.

We facilitate our customers by offering both Cash on Delivery (COD) and Online Payment option.

Shipment Charges:
Shipment charges depend upon the weight of the package and start from Rs. 130

Shipment partner:

All the products will be delivered either through Trax Logistics or Leopard couriers. The tracking ID will be sent to your contact number via text message by the respective UAN as follows:
Trax logistics: (021) 3877-22-22
Leopard courier: (021) 111-300-786
Customers also have an option to enquire their tracking info by contacting us on our WhatsApp number +923314869222 from Monday to Saturday.

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